Our centre offers you complete
‘well-woman’ lifetime care.

PROFEMA – fetal medicine centre directed by MUDr. Veronika Frisova, Ph.D.

PROFEMA – fetal medicine centre directed by MUDr. Veronika Frisova, Ph.D.

We are a private medical centre. Our clients appreciate not only the premium professional care but also our efforts to ensure their visit is as stress free and safe as possible. Every woman is given the space and time for their individual care and treatment with a full respect for their decision regarding the choice of further management.


Prenatal and gynaecological care

Basic and specialized ultrasound scans in pregnancy

NIPT blood tests and invasive tests in high risk pregnancies

Fertility care

Aesthetic gynaecology


fetal medicine centre directed

Our centre offers you complete ‘well-woman’ lifetime care

Our expertise

We provide ‘lifetime’ allround care for women.

Our gynaecological care includes routine preventive check-ups with early detection and treatment of medical problems.

Pregnancy is our main specialization, both before and during its course. We follow-up the development of your baby and take care of possible complications. We use the most advanced equipment of its type and all our doctors are holders of Fetal Medicine Foundation certificates for all types of ultrasound examinations in pregnancy. In case of increased risk of genetic disorders we offer and perform both invasive tests (amniocentesis, CVS) and NIPT blood tests.

Because Profema is a holder of the Certificate for the possibility of reporting medical procedure 63415 “Expert ultrasound examination during prenatal care”, future mothers can claim a contribution from health insurance companies for obstetrics scans performed in our centre.
Our head doctor MUDr. Veronika Frisova trained with the Fetal Medicine Foundation London https://fetalmedicine.org/. She collaborates with them in the care of complicated cases in our centre and also as a Fetal Medicine Foundation trainer she shares her experience with doctors around the world in her training courses.

Why our centre?


For regular gynaecological check-ups we allow 15-30 minutes and a routine fetal scan 45 minutes. With more complicated cases we allow even longer. We combine 2D with 3D ultrasound scan and assess even subtle anatomical details in order to obtain as precise a result as possible. Results of the examination will be discussed with you.


We work with many international and worldwide-recognized experts. We discuss complicated cases and refer our patients to them for treatments, which aren’t available in Czech republic.


During examination we describe and explain to you the findings. Once the examination is completed, we summarize the results and discuss with you your options for further management. You are welcome to bring your partner or someone close to accompany you through the examination.


If there is a need for counselling, a clinical geneticist, examination by magnetic resonance or an operation, we will manage the complete process. We cooperate with experienced experts and will set-up the appointment for you.


Our aim is to explain to you fully the results of the examination. However, the choice of further management is up to you. We are aware that your choice may be influenced by age, religion and by the number of children you already have. Your individuality will always be fully respected.


We use top-quality Samsung ultrasound systems and a modern gynaecological chair Gracie with video-colposcope. Our centre is in a modern space with friendly staff. We are sure that you will feel happy,comfortable and safe in our care.


MUDr. Veronika Frisová Ph.D. in media

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