Fetal echocardiography

Specialized fetal echocardiography

The aim of specialized fetal echocardiography is to assess fetal heart in subtle details. This scan is usually performed at 20-23 weeks. In case of significantly increased risk of cardiac defects, fetal echocardiography is recommended even earlier, respectively at 12-14 and again at around 16 and 20 weeks. This examination involves measurements of the size of main outflow tract vessels and Doppler examination of the blood flow across the atrio-ventricular valves and aorta with pulmonary artery.

Specialized fetal echocardiography is recommended especially in the following cases:

  • Family history of congenital cardiac defects
  • Obstetrics history of the fetus affected by cardiac defect
  • Congenital defect affecting other parts of the fetal body (brain, limbs, digestive systems, etc.)
  • Increased nuchal translucency (NT), tricuspid regurgitation or abnormal ductus venosus blood flow at 12 -14 gestational weeks of pregnancy
  • Increased risk of genetic defects (it’s being involved in genetic scan)
  • Maternal epilepsy
  • Maternal diabetes mellitus

During the scan, we will keep you informed about the parts of fetal anatomy displayed on the screen. If you decide to have an examination of all fetal systems (anomaly scan or genetic scan) or to see the real image of your future baby during 3D-4D scan, we will be happy to add these other scans to the fetal echocardiography.

At the end of the examination we will inform you of the results and in the case of abnormality, explain to you its significance, prognosis and discuss further recommended management. We will also set up an appointment with a Czech fetal echocardiologists in a paediatric cardiac centre at Faculty hospital Motol in Prague, who will review the findings and explain to you the prognosis and steps for surgical treatment. Delivery of new-borns with cardiac defects would usually happen in the Faculty hospital Motol in Prague and we would arrange this for you as well.

Frequently we send image documentation to Prof. Lindsey Allan in England, who is a world-acknowledged fetal echocardiologist and trained Profema’s head of clinic, consultant Veronika Frisova. Prof. Lindsey Allan is now a colleague of hers and she will be happy to confirm her findings and discuss prognosis and recommended treatment with her.

The whole examination with counselling takes around 20 minutes and you are welcome to bring your partner or someone close to accompany you through the examination. A detailed report with results will be sent to you by email within a week.

Further recommended scan in case of normal result:

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