Screening for preterm delivery

Screening for preterm delivery

The aim of the screening for preterm delivery is the estimation of the risk that the baby will be spontaneously delivered before 37 gestational weeks. This examination is usually carried out at the time of the anomaly scan at 20-22 weeks, but in women with a previous preterm birth it may be necessary to perform a series of scans starting at 16 weeks.

The risk of preterm delivery is calculated from:

  • Obstetrics history (gestation at previous deliveries if any)
  • Personal history (surgery on cervix)
  • The length of the cervix measured by vaginal probe at empty maternal bladder

After the scan we will inform you about the level of risk of preterm delivery and if increased we would recommend to you options for further management. Generally, increased risk of preterm delivery can be reduced by vaginal administration of progesterone (200 mg each night). Regular follow-up cervical scans are also recommended and we would be happy to arrange these for you at our centre.  In the case of a substantially increased risk of preterm delivery we would refer you to one of our cooperating tertiary labour wards (UPMD Podoli, Apolinar, FN Motol). Based on our recommendation for substantially increased risk of preterm delivery,  these tertiary labour wards will take care of you even without having been previously registered for delivery.

The whole examination with counselling takes 10-15 minutes and you are welcome to bring your partner or someone close to accompany you through the examination. A detailed report with results will be usually sent to you by email within a week or in urgent situations we would print them immediately for you at your visit.

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