Fees for private patients – gynaecology


Complete gynaecologic examination including PAP smear test and ultrasound examination
CZK 1,200.00
Follow-up gynaecologic examination including ultrasound examination without a smear test
CZK 1,000.00
Gynaecologic ultrasound examination
CZK 500.00
Liquid based cytology (LBC)
CZK 1,200.00
Insertion of itrauterine device Mirena/Jaydess (including IUD, consultation, insertion and ultrasound check-up)
CZK 7,000.00
Insertion of itrauterine device Kyleena (including IUD, consultation, insertion of IUD and ultrasound check-up)
CZK 8,000.00
HPV vaccination (1 dose, in total 3 doses are required)
CZK 4,300.00
Screening for STI (sexually transmitted infections: Chlamydia, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma)
CZK 1,500.00
Screening for STD (sexually transmitted disease: HIV, HBsAg, syphilis)
CZK 1,000.00


Administration of an injection (HPV vaccination without vaccine, regulation of menstruation or contraceptive)
CZK 150.00
Delay of menstruation for non-medical reasons, including consultation and prescription
CZK 400.00
Report in English
CZK 200.00
Prescription for medication – e-prescription
CZK 200.00
Copy of entry of medical reports
CZK 300.00
Application of by-patients requested termination without a medical reason (possible only upto 12 weeks)
CZK 1,200.00


Extra-fee for examination by the leading consultant at PROFEMA
CZK 500.00
Examination outside clinic hours (after both-sides agree)
CZK 1,000.00
Consultation for patients registered for care in other gynaecologic centres
CZK 1,000.00


This price list is valid: if you do not have a referral form from your gynaecologists or if there is written note “self-paying” on this referral, if you decide to have an additional examination without referall from your physician, or if you do not have any health care insurance within Czech republic or insurance cover cannot be applied by us.

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Fees Fees for private patients – gynaecology