Conception care

We will be happy to support you in the conception of your baby.

The first step involves an ultrasound examination of the women’s reproductive organs to exclude any abnormality, assess the high of endometrium and see if there is any ovulation cycle. Then we recommend and carry out the appropriate fertility tests in both parents, which might explain the reason for conception failure. Subsequent counselling includes the explanation of tests results and choices for further management.

If there is no reproductive problem in either of you we can improve the chance of conception by medication that stimulates multiple ovulation. It is necessary to follow-up the efficacy and safety of this medication by vaginal scan and we will be happy to provide these scans at our centre.

If more intensive treatment is necessary we explain to you the benefits and negatives of your various options and methods of assisted reproduction (IVF) and would also recommend to you a choice of the best centres for assisted reproduction.

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Gynaecology Conception care