Doppler assessment of feta-placental circulation

Doppler assessment of feto-placental circulation

The aim of Doppler assessment of placental circulation is to evaluate placental function. If reduced, it is necessary to add Doppler assessment of fetal circulation and establish if the fetus is still in a good condition or if its life and health are in danger.

This examination is mainly carried out in fetuses that are small for given gestational age and helps us to distinguish constitutionally small fetuses (SGA – small for gestational age) from ireal fetal growth restricted fetuses (FGR) in pregnancies with impaired placental function. If there is only mild placental insufficiency, delivery can usually be set-up at term. However if the situation progresses and there are signs of centralisation and even failure of fetal circulation, then the baby would need to be delivered earlier, usually by caesarean section.

During the scan, we will keep you informed about the parts of fetal anatomy displayed on the screen. After the scan we explain to you results, severity of situation and suggest further management. We would arrange further follow-up scans at our centre and if early delivery was needed we would refer you to one of our cooperating tertiary labour wards (UPMD Podoli, Apolinar, FN Motol). Based on our recommendation for severe preterm fetal growth restriction these tertiary labour wards will take care of you even without having been previously registered for delivery.

The whole examination with counselling takes around 20 minutes and you are welcome to bring your partner or someone close to accompany you through the examination. A detailed report with results will be usually sent to you by email within a week or in urgent situations we would print them immediately for you at your visit.

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