Aesthetic gynaecology

Our centre offers Rejuvenation of your intimate areas by the injection of reticulated hyaluronic acid into the mucous membrane or into your skin. This approach is especially recommended for women who suffer from vaginal and vulvar dryness and looseness.

As women age, lose a lot of weight, or give birth their labia may change shape and become more floppy, lax and less full or deflated. This problem can impact negatively on self-esteem and sexual experience. The large labia become less sensitive and pressure-resistant. This loss of plumpness of labia majora can also lead to more dryness of vaginal skin, causing discomfort, irritation and pain during sex.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance, which is naturally present in all cells of the human body. It has a very special ability to bind with water hence it makes the tissue moist, smooth and also assists with movement (joint and muscles). With advancing age the cells lose their ability to produce hyaluronic acid retaining water, thus tissues lose their elasticity, smoothness and plump appearance. The injection of hyaluronic acid acts as space filler by binding with water, increasing moisture and decreasing dryness. The injection of hyaluronic acid into the labia gives the labia the desired volume, improves the appearance and also increases sensation during sex.


How is the treatment performed?
The area is completely disinfected and then local anaesthetic gel is applied. The administration of hyaluronic acid with a very thin needle follows. The procedure is only slightly uncomfortable, but is certainly not painful.
How long does the treatment take?
The process should take around 20 minutes without anaesthesia or 40 minutes if you prefer the application of a local anaesthetic gel.
How quickly will you feel the difference and how long will the effect last?
The effect is almost immediate when treating the vaginal mucosa. In the case of rejuvenation of the large labia, the effect will come after 2 weeks (during this period the filler increases its volume by binding with water molecules). After this time, we will invite you for a check-up and if necessary add more filler.
Fillers based on hyaluronic acid are gradually absorbed by the body; by repeating the procedure every 6-12 months you will retain these beneficial effects.
What are the risks connected with this treatment?
Immediately after treatment, redness or swelling together with itching, or even slight pain, is common. A bruise or hardening may occur at the injection site, and the skin may slightly discolour grey or whitish. All of these reactions resolve themselves within a maximum of 2 weeks.
What you should avoid after the treatment?

For the first 5 days:

  • Activities causing pressure (bicycling, horse-riding, etc.)
  • Sexual intercourse

For the first 10 days:

  • Swimming pool, sauna, whirlpool

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